Obayaty is uniquely developed for men, creating the tools and inspiration for self-care and self-expression. A world of inclusivity, a space for men to explore wellness, to drive global behavior change.

Through a fascination for contemporary culture, we explore an alternative path into the landscape of beauty. Thriving at the intersection of innovation, lifestyle, luxury and wellbeing. Delving into novelty, empowering imagination, and feeding the curious.

Use of conscious materials, custom-developed potent formulas, grounding belief in design and meticulous detail defines our signature style. A multipurpose, modern collection designed to liberate male beauty.

In a world where imagination leads the way, we continuously strive for sustainable growth in harmony with self, community and planet. Our development is fueled by purpose to create a conscious future.

Obayaty stands for a person full of love, who brings people together for a good cause.

The total freedom of self-expression. We imagine it; make it true.