A sculpting stick that enhances men’s facial features, featuring a soft, creamy, blendable texture with buildable coverage, allowing for a sun-kissed look to a deeply tanned aesthetic. Born from a fascination with finding the best angle, delivered for a self-confidence hit.

95% of men asked said the product gives a natural tanned look to their skin — 90 % of men asked said the product improves the appearance of the skin, moisturizes and gives dimension to the face contour — Above are the results of independent clinical tests




Face Contour

Sculpting Bronzer Stick

INSTANT The sculpting bronzer stick helps create contoured features and can be used for a bronzed, sun-tanned looking complexion. LONG-TERM Obayaty’s blend of hyaluronic acid, botanical oils and crystal tears (Pistacia lentiscus) moisturizes the skin and appears to support skin firmness.